Nov 26, 2022 • 30M

Thoughts On Ye Fuentes

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I must admit I was enjoying the Kanye West circus up until this week when the circus picked up some new members. Nick Fuentes announced on Friday that he was quitting his show to work for Kanye West. He did not say what he will be doing for West, but my guess is something to do with his presidential campaign. Maybe he will be the spokesman for Kanye West.

I stopped enjoying the circus this week and I could not quite figure out what it was about the whole thing that was bugging me. I thought about writing some posts on it but instead I thought I could do a quick show thinking it through out loud. I was feeling guilty about taking time off, so this is a good way to kill two birds with one stone. I’m still not sure of my thoughts on this, but here is a start.

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